Tradition & modernity of Sarentino Valley

Enjoy your daytrip to the wonderful Sarentino Valley

If you’re looking for an enjoyable day trip in South Tyrol, the natural and authentic Sarentino Valley is highly recommended. You can find out about the traditions and look forward to tasty food, skilfully-made handicrafts and caring hospitality in this wonderful mountain valley. The Sarentino Valley is narrow and elongated. It stretches from Bolzano, right by our local Renon mountain, to San Genesio. The Sarentino Valley is characterised by the farms that feature in this stunning landscape.

The largest village, Sarentino, dates back to the Middle Ages. It’s steeped in history and also portrays the current culture and lifestyle of the mountain farmers. One such example is the old parish church, which dates back to 1309. The traditional bells were once intended to ring out as a prediction of the weather.

On church holidays and festive days, it's particularly exciting to take a look at the hearty delicacies as well as the beautiful Dirndl dresses worn by the local girls. When it comes to the men, you can see whether they’ve chosen to wear traditional costumes in shades of green or red. If it‘s red, he’s single, if it‘s green, he‘s taken! Many church festivals and flamboyant processions take place here throughout the year. From the Heart of Jesus fires to the Sarentino church day, you can hear the pastor giving a blessing for good weather, healthy livestock and a good harvest. These are important factors in the livelihood of the Sarentino people.

In the warm rustic parlours of the local farms, the local traditions continue. Visit an old tavern to get to know the local way of life and typical Sarentino specialities. The favourite Sarentino dishes, "Strietzen", are made with warm potatoes and fresh bacon. You might even witness examples of fine Sarentino handicrafts in the warm parlours. After dinner, the "Reckerle", little Sarentino tobacco pipes, are often smoked.

Some of the best examples of local Sarentino craftsmanship can be seen on the leather trousers that true locals wear. These are designed to carry a variety of implements such as an awl for a cart, a knife, fork and pipe pick. Engraved onto knife blades are nice little sayings and wishes. This array of implements are made from cow horn, mother of pearl and alpaca and much love and care goes into their manual production. You can ask about the meaning of the nine moons and crosses on the blade of the typical Sarentino knife and you might even learn how to get the better of the weather witch.

Fortified by delicious food, you can then go up to see the “Stoanerne Mandln” (pyramids of stacked stones or “men of stone”) on the mountain. These are located on a pre-Christian site and represent a collection of stone pyramids that are as large as humans. In this very mystical and legendary place, you can still enjoy amazing far-reaching views over the South Tyrolean countryside.

For something a little more mysterious, take a tour of Reinegg Castle. Under the tower roof lies a witch stone and it's believed to be bewitched. If you throw it down from the tall castle tower, it seems to disappear the following day and then reappear in its well-known spot.

You can also go on a tour to see South Tyrolean handicrafts, which have a very good reputation and make you feel quite nostalgic and romantic. Witness the peacock feathers that are used to thread valuable embroidery items. Sarentino craftsmen use these in quill embroidery to decorate the leather. These are real jewels and status symbols for Sarentino farmers and are also highly appreciated by clubs and associations and those who love traditions and traditional costumes.

Lying between the neighbouring Penser valley and the Durnholzer valley, the Sarentino valley offers countless opportunities for wonderful outings in South Tyrol, getting to know the authentic lifestyle of the locals. We’re very happy to help you find a good parlour to visit, as well as traditional craft shops. We can also provide information about events going on during your stay and the many excellent places to visit in the region. You can reach the Sarentino valley in about 30 minutes by car from our chalet in South Tyrol.

You can genuinely anticipate to a thrilling holiday in South Tyrol with unforgettable times.
We look forward to welcoming you soon,

Your South Tyrolean hosts, Alexandra and Philip, with Labrador, Lilly. 


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